Contemporary Design

More than just a sweater

This is an art form

And you are the canvas

Understanding Your Garment

The Story

In this captivating design, black and white lines converge to paint a vivid picture of Toronto's Financial District and the iconic CN Tower. The CN Tower, rising proudly amidst the skyline, stands as a metaphorical beacon of contemporary architecture, embodying the enduring spirit of Canadian culture and its deep-rooted traditions.

The stark interplay of black and white lines evokes a sense of balance and contrast, mirroring the intricate dance between classic and contemporary that characterizes this bustling metropolis, as well as our brand. 

The design's motivation goes beyond aesthetics; it is a deliberate endeavor to infuse a piece of Canadian culture into clothing that will transcend borders and become a global statement. Just as the CN Tower represents an enduring symbol of Canadian identity, this design aims to encapsulate the nation's rich cultural tapestry in a wearable form. 

In every thread and stitch, this design encapsulates the spirit of unity and pride that Canada embodies, destined to be embraced and celebrated by individuals worldwide, uniting them in the shared appreciation of this extraordinary culture.

The Designer

Kieran Nieva is one of the co-founders of Classic Contemporaries. This design is influenced by his passion for finding art and beauty in everyday life. Kieran made it his goal to use modern architecture and design techniques to create a piece that was unique and timeless.

Stemming from our rich Canadian heritage and the desire to travel the world while simultaneously representing our country, this design proudly shows off the CN tower, a cherished Canadian landmark.

Care Instructions

  • Wash cold.
  • Wash inside out.
  • Do not tumble dry, try air drying instead.
  • Do not wash after every wear.
  • Choose detergent wisely.

Phase I

Idea Conception

This is the dreamers stage. All ideas, no action. No direction (yet), but also no limitations. Lots of ideas are noted, but not many make it through the refinement process. Once one is found that works, we run with it. Creativity with direction is a powerful tool.

Phase II

Design Process

This is the most complex decision making phase, as it sets the stage for everything to follow. Beginning with an initial concept, the design undergoes many changes and takes many forms along the way. Even through the changes, the underlying concept of each remains the same. Through testing and consultation, a final design is chosen and the necessary adjustments are made.

Phase III

Production Process

Arguably the most exciting part of the process; This is where it all comes together. Our screen printing and sewing process demands copious attention to detail, with each garment individually produced by our team.

Phase IV

Ready For Your Lifestyle

Once the process is complete it is finally ready to be lived in, styled, and loved. Every detail and design aspect has been made with intention - just for you. Classy, timeless, and tasteful - just like you. This piece is a seamless connection to your lifestyle. You are apart of a select few who possess this design, never to be produced again.